Our Child Care Programs


2018 Monthly Tuition and Fees (All tuition includes tax)
Room       Five Days*                Four Days                Three Days               Two Days            One Day

Infant       $880/month          $805/month              $600/month            $530/month      $275/month

Toddler    $780/month          $685/month              $545/month            $490/month      $265/month

Two          $680/month          $630/month              $500/month            $440/month      $255/month

3s/4s        $600/month          $560/month               $445/month           $390/month      $245/month

Our Infant Room- Ages 6 weeks to approximately 14 months 1:3 Teacher to Infant Ratio

Our goal is to help infants adjust and bond with caretakers and to challenge them in a comfortable supportive environment.  Babies are spoken to (verbally and with signs) and are treated as active participants in their day.  Infants determine their own sleep, wake, and eat schedule.  We say that we do things with babies and not to them.  Infants move up based on individual development.

Our Toddler Room- Ages 14 months to 2 years  1:4 Teacher to Toddler Ratio

​​These are children that are walking independently, are usually napping once a day on a cot instead of in a crib, have transitioned to a sippy cup, and are ready to transition to a more group scheduled daytime routine.In this room we work on independent eating, identifying body parts, receptive and spoken language, taking turns, singing songs, jumping, standing on one foot, clapping in rhythm, etc.  Positive redirection is used for behavior.

Our Twos Room- Ages 2 years 1:6 Teacher to Child Ratio

​Older toddlers are ready for this room when they are ready to sit at a chair for meals, are starting to use two or three word sentences, are running, jumping, are playing socially and ready for a more multi-sensory learning experience. In this room we spend a lot of time working together on different activities and play including group projects to help develop self-control, cooperation, and communication skills.  Much emphasis is placed on stopping frustration prior to a child becoming emotionally overwhelmed and asking them to communicate needs verbally.  Cognitive skills like color recognition, counting, and recitation of simple songs and ABC’s.  Gross motor skills are worked on through stretches, skipping, rolling, tumbling and swinging independently as this core development promotes oral language and fine motor skills like beading, puzzles, and crayon holding.  We also start working on group toilet training with parents when children show signs of readiness.

Our Mixed ages Room- Ages 3 and up 1:7 Teacher to Child Ratio

​​Young children are ready to transition to this room when they are fully toilet trained, can communicate their needs and frustrations verbally most of the time, are able to stay in a line, and are able to sit and participate in circle time for ten minutes or more.In this room, we focus on cognitive skills like written name recognition, upper and lower case letter recognition and sound, number recognition and using them as units, simple addition and subtraction and beginning to learn writing and using letters to complete words with pictorial prompts.  Children work on motor skills such as cutting shapes, gluing, drawing, coloring, tumbling and yoga stretches.  Work in this room is highly individual because of the mix of ages and each child’s individual needs.


-A child that is consistently dropped off after 9:00 am- 10%
-A child that is consistently picked up before 4:00 pm- 10%
-A child that is dropped off after 9:00 am and picked up before 4:00 pm- 18%
-A child that is picked up before 12:30- 40%
-A child that is dropped off after 12:30- 40%

-Any older sibling- 10%

-Parent in Civil Service (SNL, APS, Fire, Police, State of NM employees)- 10%

Discounts may not be combined. Largest discount is the discount taken.