Programs Include:

  • Infant 6 weeks-14 months
  • Toddler 14-24 months
  • Twos 24-36 months
  • Mixed Ages 36+

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About Bright Minds Academy

We believe:

-That a child’s home is the most important aspect of a child’s life and that parents know their children best.  Our job is to support families by communicating with them to keep care consistent and foster the development of your child.

-That each child and their family are unique and deserve respect and to be heard.
-That young children and infants can communicate their needs and of understanding; they deserve the dignity of being listened to, being spoken to and being an active participant in what is happening with them
-That to respect each child in this manner it is imperative that the ratio of children to caretaker be low
-That lower ratios facilitate a deeper emotional connection between care taker and child which enables children to feel secure
-That feeling bonded to a care taker engenders development
-That it is our job to meet children’s physical, social, intellectual, and emotional needs while they are in our care
-That each child develops at their own pace given a safe, nurturing and happy environment and has the right to intervention if concerns arise
-That children should have teachers that delight in them, are concerned for them, and model respectful behavior